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The Solid Works computer aided design suite is a phenomenal tool. It can take an idea and develop it into reality. From the technical and manufacturing side it makes the transition from concept to production drawings seamless and from the communication point of view it can present a colour three dimensional model to present to a client before making the actual parts. 

I have been drafting and designing with Solid Works full time since 2014. Since my engineering training in the UK in the late 80's and late 90's I have been either designing, fabricating, machining, building and installing things from metal.

 I use the latest Solid Works CAD software to design a 3D model, which generates 2D blue prints in DXF and PDF files from the models, as well as colour renderings etc.

It has full structural steel and sheet metal capabilities for shop drawings, CNC cut files, to use on laser, plasma, router etc and as a tool for communicating with your clients as sometimes they can understand a 3D image easier than interpreting 2D plans.

Enough of the spiel, let me know if you want me to pop in for a chat or if you want to see some examples of drawings I’ve created for clients.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to be creative and practical in my career. After high school in the UK I apprenticed as a machinist before getting more involved in design and drafting and retraining as a mechanical engineering technologist. I've worked on diverse projects and industries including Formula1wind tunnels, the Cern Hadron Collider in Switzerland, space simulators to test satellites, agricultural spraying equipment and parts to decommission nuclear warheads. All interesting and challenging from an engineering viewpoint, but not so much from the artistic side.

Finally I took the decision to design and create things that not only work well but are beautiful to look at while they are doing it, hence...

Where industry meets artistry.

Phil Evans


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