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Drawing Services

I have been drawing and designing with Solidworks software since 2014 and have either been creating or working from shop drawings since 1987, as a machinist, fabricator, draftsman and UK mechanical engineering technologist.


With that experience I have the rare perspective of what it actually takes to make things rather than just design and draw them

I consider my drawing services as a bridge between the fabricator and the building contractor, who don't always speak the same language.

Solidworks is fully a featured 3D C.A.D. software suite. From the 3D model which is drawn first, it generates fully detailed 2D blueprints, DXF and PDF files, as well as full colour renderings.

In addition it has full structural steel and sheet metal capabilities, calculates weights, balance points and will generates a bill of materials. It also generates CNC cut files, for laser, plasma, router etc. and is fantastic as a tool for communicating with clients as a 3D colour image is often easier to interpret than 2 dimensional plans. It can also export files ready for 3D Printing.

If your business is involved with fabrication, construction, architecture, manufacturing, interior or product design but doesn't employ a dedicated designer/draftsperson, consider contracting out projects to Solid Design Co in Penticton on a per hour basis. Whatever your size, we can help.



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